We ARE all Humboldt Broncos

picture of hockey sticks lying on snow with the words "Humboldt Strong" The tragic news that so many young lives were cut short last weekend in Humboldt Saskatchewan has gripped not only our nation, but has touched hearts around the world from Iraq, and Australia, to Ireland. They were simply doing what all young sports players do, or have done. Travelling to games by bus is just…. well… Canadian. Our very geography situates us far enough apart from each other that we really don’t have many other good options to get an entire group of people, young or old, from point A to point B at a convenient time.

Now team sports like hockey are big everywhere in Canada, and the Broncos (Saskatchewan’s most successful team), had made this years’ Junior semi-finals. Heading north to play Game 5 on Friday night, they became as one person said, “the league’s worst nightmare”. Sixteen fatalities, and another 13 in hospital with severe injury in an horrific crash with a loaded semi-tractor trailer.

Images of hockey sticks left out on lit porches all across Canada overnight have been an automatic response to Brian Munz’s post on Twitter. Sticks Out, Porch Lights on!! has taken wing on social media in part because such a senseless tragedy affects all of us, emotionally and spiritually. It could so easily have been me, or you on that bus, or our kids… but as Tiffany Paulsen so beautifully puts it in an open letter to the players’ parents’, (and all parents everywhere),

“There must be no hesitation to let our children soar and achieve.”