A creative tool for learning

infographic about abuse in Nursing Homes

Over the past year, I’ve again had the opportunity to view the work of several classes of Sociology students at a semester’s end display of Op-Ed pieces The more senior classes were also asked to create an Infographic as part of the display alongside their opinion piece.  Earlier in the semester, I helped each of these groups find relevant scholarly articles on quite a wide variety of topics, and it was so inspiring to see young minds becoming more and more enthusiastic about the application of research to the real world.

All too rarely are our students given the opportunity to fully engage with a social issues beyond the formal essay. The theoretical underpinnings of a subject area’s content provides students the grounding from which they can undertake critical reflection and inquiry. Persuasion on the other hand takes that grounding and elevates it, using clear argument supported by convincing facts and logical reasons. Let’s design more assessment that allows our students to be creative , innovative, and reflective.